I am very happy because I know some day I will die.
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Sometimes I look at Peter Steele and I get so angry that I can’t be 6’8 and muscular like that.

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Peter Steele’s voice is sex
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She’s in love with herself - she likes the dark
on her milk white neck - the Devil’s mark
- Type o Negative - Black Nr.1
Everything I touch turns to gold, then to coal.
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On that day you may have had my jealousy
But in time I will have yours and you will envy me
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Listening to Woods of Ypres is so fucking spiritual

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The Allure of the Earth… When you are through with trying… When you are tired and days are long… Letting go seems so inviting..

Allure Of The Earth - Woods Of Ypres

Rest In Peace, David Gold. You are missed dearly…

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It was a year ago today,
I put a desperate man to death.
He was the man I used to be,
He trusted every word you said.
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You always knew, one day you would destroy me.
And I always knew, I would have to be the one to restore me.

Woods of Ypres

Mirror Reflection & The Hammer Reinvention.

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You are too rich for hate,
and I am too poor to love.
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It’s so easy to be satisfied… When all you want to do is lay down and die…
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There is no destination… Only the journey
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A moment of silence… but not one moment more
The dead are to be forgotten, we are here to be adored
In the bleak life and modern times, under grey skies and electric light
Mortal men are living gods, more real than any god ever was
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